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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for Torn Meniscus

Written by Knees and Hips on July 18, 2014

Arthroscopic knee surgery is commonly offered for individuals that are suffering from a torn meniscus. Knee injuries in general become more likely for individuals that partake in physical activities that are strenuous on the knee. However, a torn meniscus is actually one of the most likely types of knee injuries for those who are involved in physical activities or sports. The meniscus is a part of the knee that has a rubbery like texture, it’s tough and it’s full of cartilage. This area of the bone is meant to absorb shock, to reduce the strain between the shinbone and the thigh bone. It’s also responsible for properly distributing weight across the knee joint. There can be intense pain for the individual when this cartilage tears. Instability of the knee joint will follow and for this reason, meniscus tears almost always result in arthroscopic knee surgery.

The cause of a torn meniscus
There are many physical activities that can cause a torn meniscus. The most common include twisting injuries, such as those that often happen when an individual is involved in sporting events. For instance, football and soccer are sportswear a torn meniscus is common among the players. Since these sports are so physical and involves such extensive use of the legs and knees, it over-strains this part of the body. However, sports and physical activities are not the only things that can cause a torn meniscus. In fact, many people have torn their meniscus simply by doing the dishes, doing laundry, or other household activities.

The symptoms of a torn meniscus
Symptoms of a torn meniscus can be hard to detect as it’s not too different from any other type of knee surgery. If you tear your meniscus, you may notice pain, swelling, tenderness, instability in the knee, or problems with knee function. You may also notice that your knee starts to catch, lock, or pop in unusual ways. These are things that you need to pay attention to and see a doctor for right away.

Arthroscopic knee surgery
If you do have a torn meniscus, you can undergo arthroscopic knee surgery. This is a surgery where this area of the knee will be removed and replaced with healthy tissue or artificial tissue, or it will simply be repaired. Arthroscopic knee surgery has dramatically improved the way that surgeries are done on these today. Instead of having to stay in the hospital and enter a 3 to 4 inch incision in your knee, the meniscus tear will be able to be repaired with the arthroscope with two, less than one half-inch incisions. It’s very simple and it’s provided as an outpatient surgery where you can leave the hospital within less than an hour.

The best part about this surgery is that it has a relatively quick recovery time and a lot of patients are able to return to normal activities within just a few short weeks after the surgery. Of course, physical therapy is sometimes offered for patients that eating more extensive recovery process.

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