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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for Torn Meniscus

Written by Knees and Hips on July 18, 2014

Arthroscopic knee surgery is commonly offered for individuals that are suffering from a torn meniscus. Knee injuries in general become more likely for individuals that partake in physical activities that are strenuous on the knee. However, a torn meniscus is actually one of the most likely types of knee injuries for those who are involved in physical activities or sports. The. . .

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How Long is the Recovery Time for Hip Replacement Surgery?

Written by Knees and Hips on June 21, 2014

Our population’s life expediency is increasing and because of that, more and more people now need to have hip replacement surgeries. Once a patient is told that they need to have this type of procedure performed on them, the first question out of their mouth is how long will it take for me to recovery and be able to return to. . .

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Partial Knee Replacement Recovery and Complications

Written by Knees and Hips on May 30, 2014

The repair of a knee joint to relieve one of the pain and immobility caused by arthritis or degeneration after an injury is now a fairly routine matter. Many full or partial knee replacements are performed weekly and the overwhelming majority of these are successful, will last for a further 20 years or so and enable the patient to be active,. . .

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What You Should Consider When Selecting from the Best Knee Surgeons for Your Surgery

Written by Knees and Hips on April 23, 2014

Knee surgery can be a huge relief from pain and immobility for many people, and new surgical techniques have made steady advances in the 10 years. The knee is the largest joint in the body, and takes some of the worst punishment. The main causative factors for knee problems are different forms of arthritis; post-traumatic, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and they all cause. . .

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What is Partial Knee Replacement and is it Right for Your Knee Condition?

Written by Knees and Hips on March 15, 2014

As we get older, certain parts of the body can begin to become less efficient. One of the most common areas for adults to have problems with is their knees. When your knees start to pose a significant issue, surgical procedures are a possibility. The options that are available to you include a complete knee replacement or a partial knee replacement.. . .

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The Hokey Pokey is What it’s all About – Thanks to a New Hip

Written by Knees and Hips on March 4, 2014

A little over a year ago, Annie Morris was rushed to the emergency room at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital (HMH), wondering if she would ever walk again. Now she’s doing the hokey pokey with her grandchildren. Prior to her hospital visit, Morris endured terrible hip pain as best she could. Just cooking dinner had become a chore, because she couldn’t fix. . .

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Knee Scope Surgery Explained

Written by Knees and Hips on February 14, 2014

Knee scope surgery is an innovative surgical procedure, which uses a small scope in order to perform the surgery on your knee. This is the most minimally invasive surgical treatment available today, as it gives your doctor the opportunity to look inside your knee joint using a tiny camera, to highlight the exact problem that you are experiencing. This gives your. . .

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Secret Santa at the Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California’s Frank R. Howard Memorial

Written by Knees and Hips on January 22, 2014

Typically, the holidays are a tough time to be hospitalized, but not for Angelina Hayes who received a Christmas gift she’s not likely to forget from someone she calls her “Secret Santa” at the Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital (HMH). Hayes was hospitalized before Christmas with a broken toe that became infected and required. . .

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How to Select the Best Knee Replacement Implant for you

Written by Knees and Hips on January 21, 2014

Many people suffer from bad knees, but when it comes to knee replacement surgery, there are many questions that people have, and rightfully so. Having a knee replaced is a major surgical procedure, and there are wide varieties of orthopedic manufacturing companies that make knee replacements for surgeons to use. Because of these different prostheses, it can be very difficult to. . .

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What is Laparoscopic Knee Surgery and When is it Used?

Written by Knees and Hips on December 22, 2013

Laparoscopic knee surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that offers the doctor or surgeon the opportunity to repair or remove damaged tissues and ligaments in the knee. Laparoscopic knee surgery is also used to diagnose knee problems, such as a torn meniscus or ligament, muscle damage and more. This diagnosis can help to properly treat each patient. A laparoscopy uses a very. . .

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Howard Hospital’s Orthopedic Joint Center Educational Program Sets Care Apart

Written by Knees and Hips on December 4, 2013

After three successful orthopedic joint replacements at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital (HMH), 82-year-old Myra Figueiredo only visits the hospital to see a hospitalized neighbor or catch up with HMH employees she befriended during her stays. Figueiredo is like many patients who receive care from HMH’s Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California (OJC). She is pain-free and enjoys mobility that she didn’t. . .

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Smiling Again: Knee replacement surgery helps patient live the life she loves.

Written by Knees and Hips on November 19, 2013

For people with hip and knee pain, the fear of surgery often prevents them from exploring their treatment options. However, many patients who get hip and knee replacement surgery at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital’s Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California wonder why they waited as long as they did, and some come back quickly to get their other knee or. . .

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery – Preparation, Risks and Recovery

Written by Knees and Hips on November 13, 2013

What are the preparations that you need to take for a total knee replacement surgery? Knee replacement surgery is something that you should prepare for well ahead of time so that the recovery goes smoothly. To prepare for a total knee replacement surgery, it’s advised that you be as gentle as possible on your knees and get all of the equipment in. . .

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Preparing for a Successful Surgery at the Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California

Written by Knees and Hips on November 6, 2013

The Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California at Howard Memorial Hospital has helped thousands of people end their joint pain and return to living the life they love. At the Orthopedic Joint Center, clinical experts help patients understand whether surgery is the right choice, and guide them through a treatment and recovery plan designed specifically for them. This knowledge helps people overcome. . .

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When is Knee Resurfacing an Option?

Written by Knees and Hips on October 24, 2013

Sometimes, a surgeon may consider a patient for knee resurfacing instead of a complete knee replacement. The doctor will take into account the patient’s age, type of lifestyle, and the amount of damage to the joint itself. Also, the doctor’s decision to choose one procedure instead of another will often depend on the surgeon’s training. Each option that you have has. . .

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Options for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Written by Knees and Hips on September 14, 2013

Old age and Osteoarthritis have some pretty awful implications for the weight bearing joints of the knees and hips.  Osteoarthritis is one of those irreversible degenerative afflictions which are all too common as the soft tissue in the load bearing joints wears away often accompanied by the bone of the joints distorting. It is unfortunately usually accompanied by pain and discomfort.. . .

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Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California Offers Aroma Therapy and Massage Therapy

Written by Knees and Hips on September 14, 2013

Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital’s Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California offers excellent clinical care and much more. In addition to doctors, nurses and physical therapists who specialize in the care of orthopedic joint patients, the program also offers gourmet luncheons, aroma therapy, and massage therapy. Knee replacement and hip replacement patients are treated with a holistic approach. Award-winning chef Kyle Evans cooks. . .

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Tips for Selecting from the Top Knee Surgeons for Your Knee Surgery

Written by Knees and Hips on August 14, 2013

How to Choose a Top Knee Surgeon When you are going to be selecting a knee surgeon, it is important that you find a qualified and professional surgeon, with a good track record. Believe it or not, there are some surgeons around the world, that have had an overwhelming amount of failures while providing knee surgeries for patients. By staying informed and conducting. . .

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What You Should Consider When Searching for Hip Replacement Surgeons

Written by Knees and Hips on July 28, 2013

Choosing the right hip replacement surgeons shouldn’t be taken lightly or left up to chance. When you are looking into hiring a hip placement surgeon for you surgery, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration before you decide to undergo your operation. For instance, hip replacement means that you are going to have a little bit. . .

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Is Partial Knee Replacement Right for You?

Written by Knees and Hips on June 21, 2013

The goal of any knee replacement surgery is to relieve pain and restore function. A full knee replacement is an excellent option for osteoarthritis of the knee, but in some cases a total replacement is not necessary or called for. In theses cases a partial knee replacement may be more suitable. Not all osteoarthritis is the same – there are many parts. . .

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The Singing Hairdresser

Written by Knees and Hips on June 15, 2013

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…was blind but now I see.”  As she sings the well-known hymn of redemption, beautician Necole Suttles is opening eyes to the healing power of touch, while serenading with the healing power of music. Known as “The Singing Hairdresser,” Necole not only provides a makeover to clean up and enhance a patient’s external appearance, she creates. . .

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